Addressing the needs of building managers, improving operational efficiency, and reducing energy costs.


We leverage Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to deliver seamless management of your building, allocating resources to where they are most needed to:


  • Reduce ENERGY
  • Improve COMFORT
  • Improve OPERATIONS

Nexus Platform

We use Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to integrate data collection with building management systems to maximize energy and operational savings.

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning automates data extraction and meta tagging, integrating legacy Building Systems with Internet of Things and Smart Building applications Increases speed of deployment
  • Reduces human effort and error in data extraction
  • Reduces cost in data extraction, tagging and reuse

The Nexus Platform can be delivered as Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service or On-Premise

Smart Estates

Legacy building management systems are often proprietary and not integrated. This causes difficulty in accessing critical equipment performance data for analysis and insights.

Specialist knowledge in operating each system is necessary, requiring additional costs.

This leads to slow deployment of newer generation Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Internet of Things technologies to acquire, analyse and derive value from your building data.

Would you like to make use of E2C Technology’s high-performance NEXUS Platform to provide you with greater cost-efficiency and comfort for your customers and stakeholders?